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telephone fraud is on the increase

Beware - Telephone Fraud

We regularly receive details of the latest telephone scams and we are committed to protecting our clients businesses. We have therefore created this page to list the latest attempt to defraud you via the telephone.

You Have Won……

The growth in the use of recorded messages is becoming more common place however we have received news that there is one in particular that is targeting home and business customers. If you receive a telephone call congratulating you on winning an all expenses trip to an exotic location and asks you to press 9 to hear further information, hang up immediately.

By pressing 9 you will be connected to a premium rate line which costs approximately £20 per minute and even if you hang up you will remain connected for a minimum of 5 minutes costing a staggering £100.

The final part of the call will ask you to key in your postcode and house number and after a further 2 minutes you will receive a message that says you have not won. The end result is a £260 telephone call.

You Have 1 Missed Call

How many times do you miss a call on your mobile? Well one fraudster has devised a scam to capitalise on this with a scheme that will charge you no less than £50 per minute.

We believe that the numbers being used vary but all begin with 0709.

The biggest worry is that it is not until your mobile phone bill comes through that you realise just how much the missed call has cost you.

If you receive a missed call from a number you do not recognise, think very carefully before you return it.

If you think you have been targeted by a fraudster, contact us and let us know. We will be only too happy to warn others before they face a huge bill.


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